Saturday, April 5, 2008

Friend, here we come!

I met few of my old friends in college earlier this morning and decided to visit one of our friends out of town by next weekend. Because every one of us is excited, we provided important details. We already call her and book a flight earlier to make sure that we can make it there as planned. Everything is perfect and I am really excited! I even had an idea on what to bring. Unfortunately, upon reaching the office there was a message from the accounting department stating the delay of my salary because of little error. So it means that my salary will take a couple of days before. I wonder what to do next? I am suppose to claim my salary a day before the schedule trip so it’s just perfect to went away this place. I miss my friends and it has been a while since I had a good talk with them… Am I going to miss this event?

While taking a sip of my coffee while starring at my computer, my frustration fades slowly. Thank god I saw this site that says a perfect cash advance! Boy, this is a perfect solution for this dilemma! I’m really lucky ‘coz I just had my payday loans. Now, I am certain that I will no longer miss this event.

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