Monday, December 10, 2007

Radiant skin for stressful holidays

I am in the state of euphoria right now since holiday is fast approaching. But because this is a busy month for every one of us, expect yourself to be restless at all times. Different activities awaits me… the dawn masses, work deadlines, shopping to the last minute, rehearsals for company party (artistahin kasi hehehe), and the endless Christmas parties, how do you expect me to sleep well? These are fine actually. In fact, I love to keep myself busy. What I’m afraid about is skin break outs. Because I got a very sensitive skin, my face easily got dull and blotchy. Thank God I can still recall some of the beauty regimen I know. I can actually identify a lot. But let me tell you one of my favorites.

They say the secret to natural beauty is using natural products. You can find some in your kitchen cabinet. (hehehe) these are really helpful. These include the mixture of evap milk and lemon. Way back in college, I had a terrible skin break out. Finding the right product for my skin is difficult until I discover the secret of this mixture. And because this is a common problem for me, I often use this as a solution to my problem with zits. I really hate it when I got skin blemishes. I just hope I won’t get the serious attack this time.